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Lille Vildmose in the eastern part of Himmerland is a Danish wilderness and an eldorado for nature lovers and people with an interest in history. The area is Denmark’s biggest protected region with its 7600 hectares. Here you will find, amongst other things Northwestern Europe’s largest raised bog, lakes with a lot of birds and unique nature and forests. You will have the opportunity to spot golden eagles, wild boars, cranes, stags, otters and other big animals.


Take a trip with the ferry to the old fishing town Hals.In the summertime there is a lot of life on the harbour and only a short trip to the center. The months of June until August there is also a square market in Hals every Wednesday.









Aalborg is a modern city with a lot of facilities only 20 km from Frydenstrand Camping. Aalborg has a lot of possibilities for shopping in the special shops. By evening and night you should visit the famaous Jomfru Ane gade with many restuarants and bars.

Aalborg Zoo is located close to the city. The park has more than 1500 animals at 126 different art




KUNSTEN - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, is placed at Kong Christian Alle




Ask in the Informationen regarding other possibilities in Aalborg and surroundings.

Frydenstrand Camping is also a good start for a trip to Fårup Sommerland


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